We choose to do things differently at Dimonds Gallery – we spend time on our selection process.  Why not spend an extra 30 mins - 1 hour on selecting frames for your beloved pieces.

Generally, most quoting is done face to face with your art as the variables are endless weather they be size, design, materials used or overall look. We highly suggest bringing your art into our gallery for an accurate quote.

Renato will guide you through the entire quoting process - everything is covered. The size of your piece, the colours used to accentuate it, the frame designs, the glazing options, just to name a few of the framing/design issues he will address with you.

We suggest allowing 15 – 30 minutes per item for framing as our quoting process is very extensive and unique to each framing job. We would also suggest keeping the framing selections to 4 items maximum as the process can be quite confusing when there are too many options!