For smaller pieces we ship them out flat which will not cause any issues when fitting them into your frame as they are pre-flattened.

But for our larger pieces that have been rolled up in transportation we recommend first flattening the pieces out once it has been unpacked, using the method below.

  1. Roll out the art on a clean, flat surface much like your dining room table
  2. Using the provided tissue paper cover the artwork face side up then place something heavy like books on each corner and in the middle to weigh it down.
  3. Leave this in place for 24 hours, we recommend not eating on this table while this process is taking place (common sense we know but had to make this clear – we don’t want any mishaps!)
  4. Remove weights to reveal your flat, ready to frame art.

Now that they are flat, you can place them into their frames relatively easy – ready slow and steady wins the race no need to rush the process and possibly damage them or your frames.

If your frames have mountboard in them we recommend using acid free tape to affix them to their mountboards or backing boards.